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Day Trip to Dambulla and Sigiriya

We will pick you up in the morning from your hotel or airport if you are transiting at airport and drive to Dambulla and visit Dambull cave temple. Journey from Colombo or Airport will takes around 3 hours and the guided tour inside the temple will takes around 1 ½ hours.


Dambulla Temple is  the largest cave temple of Sri Lanka , which has a history going back to pre-Christian times, as indicated by the cave inscriptions. The caves have gained international renown for murals depicting the life incidents and Jatakas of the Buddha as well as some historical incidents. The paintings drawn in the well known sittara style range between the 18th and early 19th centuries. The Painting Museum established by the Central Cultural Fund located by the main Dambulla-Habarana road, is an added attraction to this site.

The Paintings of Dambulla belongs to the Tempera Technique. The caves together with the rock ceilings are covered with paintings.

After finishing the temple visit we can arrange ether picnic lunch or lunch from a hotel.

After lunch will proceed to Sigiriya which is one of the best attraction in Sri Lanka. We will spend 2 ½ hours in Sigirya where you will  get a guided tour trough Water Garden, Frescoes, Mirror Wall, Lions Pow. 

Sigiriya ,The Lion Rock, was a rock fortress-cum-royal palace complex of the 5 th century created by king Kasyapa ,who transformed the natural rock in to a heavenly abode like unto the Palace of Kuvera , the God of Wealth. Every little space of land and rock and boulder was landscaped into water gardens, island pavilions, courtyards and building sites.

The rock summit was replaced with a grandeur palace complex,which was approached through a brick – built tunnel entered through a gaping mouth of a lion built on the plateau. The western face of the rock was once covered with a painted surface. The remaining paintings within a cave depicts heavenly damsels (apsaras) or ladies of Kasapa's court​.

After the tour, we will transfer you back to the hotel and the time will depends on the destination.  

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