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Sri Lankan Tea Trails

Tea is the most popular beverage in the world after the water, which is accidentally discovered by a Chinese Emperor (Shen Nung) in 2737 BC. In 1824 British brought a tea plantation from China to Ceylon (as Sri Lanka known at the time) and planted in the Royal Botanical Garden Peradeniya. After two decades in 1867, about 19 acres of tea has been planted, at Loolecondra Estate as the first commercial tea plantation.

Now Sri Lanka has over 188, 0000 hectares under tea cultivation producing more than 310,800 tonnes of tea in each year. Sri Lanka is famous over the world for the best Tea, which is famously known as Ceylon Tea.

Ceylon Tea falls into three main categories: low-grown (on estates up to 2000 ft high); medium grown (between 2000 and 4000 ft); and high grown (over 4000 ft). Each level produces teas of unique character. By blending teas from different areas of the island, Sri Lanka offering a very wide range of flavour and colour. Some are full-bodied, others light and delicate, but all Ceylon blends have quality flavors and bright golden colour.

Because of geographical location, tea can be plucked in Sri Lanka all year round: the west and east of the island are divided by central mountains; so that as each region's season ends, the other begins.

Probably the most famous of Ceylon teas, Dimbula is cultivating 5000 ft above sea level; all Dimbula teas are light and bright in colour with a crisp strong flavour that leaves the mouth feeling fresh and clean.Nuwara teas are light and delicate in character, bright in colour and with a fragrant flavor. Their flavor is heightened when taken with lemon rather than milk.

day with just a little milk.

Come with us to enjoy the beauty of tea gardens trough the breathtaking valleys and hills and also to discover the secrets of tea production.

Few secrets to make perfect tea

  • Secrets to make perfect Tea

  • Use a good quality loose leaf or bagged tea

  • This must be stored in an air-tight container at room temperature

  • Always use freshly drawn boiling water

  • In order to draw the best flavour out of the tea the water must contain oxygen, this is reduced if the water is boiled more than once.

  • Measure the tea carefully

  • Use 1 tea bag or 1 rounded teaspoon of loose tea for each cup to be served

  • Allow the tea to brew for the recommended time before pouring

  • Brewing tea from a bag in a mug? Milk in last is best.

15 days/14 night from USD 910 PP ( H/B Accommodation and Transportation) with GideMeLanka Tours & Holidays Sri Lanka 

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