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Golf in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is not famous for golf, but Sri Lanka offers three 18 holes high class golf pitches including Victora course which is voted as one of best in Asia. All these three golf course are located in three different terrains with the combination of stunning views and comfortable environment.

Victoria Golf Club: Victoria Golf Club is located 25 km east of Kandy and 150 km from Colombo. This course is 6'190 m long and the fairways are rather narrow in a hilly country side. This club also offers Luxury accommodation including Swimming pool.

Royal Colombo Golf Club: The Royal Colombo Golf Club is situated in Colombo city which is the oldest club in Sri Lanka. This Golf Course measured 5,276 m long and has many water hazards to challenge the players.

Nuwara Eliya Golf Club: The Nuwara Eliya Golf Club is located in distinctly different terrain which is above the 2.070m above the sea level with slightly cold weather condition. This course is 5,520m (70 par ) and fairways are long and narrow and bordered by fir trees and thick bushes.

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